Film Soup Recipes

Moores Contemporary Art Gallery, Fremantle, WA, Australia

25 Jan - 11 Feb 2018

Video - 120 film distressed with household chemicals. 1:04:09

Film Soup Recipe is the process video behind the works in Everything gives way nothing ever stays the same, a large-scale photographic exhibition of manipulated film negatives using household products. By using this uncontrolled and unexpected technique of distressing valuable photographs. This work explores impermanence and the objecthood of remembering. The visual result is a combination of lost memories, film matter and chemical remnants. Hornum's grandmother, Doreen, was forced to move out of her home in 2012 due to Alzheimer's. The original photos were shot on film and taken in an aim to remember Doreen’s house and a domestic space filled with memories of the past. Resonating throughout this work is a sense of loss, nostalgia and the temporality of memory - just as the layers of chemicals in film can be destroyed and stripped away, so too, can our ability to recall and remember.